Talking Cards


A recurrent question from my fellow teachers: What to do during the first lesson with new students?

My answer is very simple: talking cards!

What do you need?

A deck of cards and a handout with questions which you can download from our website

How does it work?

  1. Student no.1 chooses a card from the deck and answers the question hidden under the card. The answer has to be at least three sentences long.
  2. Student no. 2 listens to the answer and gives points according to the following rules:
  3. If the answer is grammatically correctly and at least three sentences long, student no. 1 gets 2 points.
  4. If the answer is grammatically correct but too short, student no. 1 gets 1 point.
  5. If the answer is wrong (grammatically incorrect and too short), student no. 1 gets 0 points.


I love this exercises because every question is a great conversation opener and I learn a lot about my groups!

Our ready-to-print handouts with questions:

EN: Talking Cards

DE: Sprechende Karten





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