Irregular sticks


Let’s stick to the sticks!

If you want to revise irregular verbs, you can give your students handouts and ask them to write the irregular forms down. You can also ask them individually to conjugate verbs aloud.

I would like to show you a different approach which is more productive and engaging.

What do you need? Ice sticks!


  1. Write an infinitive on the one side of the stick.
  2. Turn it around and write past forms in the given language.
  3. Distribute sticks among your students.
  4. Student no.1 takes one stick and asks student no. 2 to give the required past forms.
  5. Student no. 1 turns the stick around and checks if the answers are correct.
  6. You can also ask your students to make questions with the verbs.

Why is it worth trying?

  1. 100% of your students are active during this exercise – half of them conjugating and the second half checking the answers.
  2. No handouts or hardcopies
  3. Students take responsibility for their learning process as they can provide and check answers.
  4. Ice sticks are durable and you can reuse them later on.

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