Epic or Fail?

thumb-794696_1280Are you fed up with another handout on “going to”? Do you want your students to practise predictions and have fun at the same time?

Do you know Ellen DeGeneres and her The Ellen DeGeneres Show?  Her hilarious game “EPIC OR FAIL” is our secret ingredient to make this lesson rock!

How does it work?

1. Distribute green and red pieces of paper among your students. Green means EPIC, red means FAIL.

2. Show your students Ellen’s game “EPIC OR FAIL”. There are more than one edition, you are free to choose your favourite 🙂

3.  Let them decide if the person is going to make something epic or fail. Your students share their prediction by raising the appropriate piece of paper.

4. Ask your students to justify their predictions using “going to”.

5. Watch the next part of the video and discover if it was epic or fail. Or maybe an epic fail 🙂


Here you can find my favourites:



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