Memes with Doug the Pug

Your students hate writing, right?

Well, they hate writing longish essays on topics which don’t engage them. How about memes?

I strongly recommend hilarious pictures of Doug the Pug. This pug makes me smile and cheers me up with his every single picture. I am positive that your students will fall in love with him too!

How does it work? It’ simple!

  1. Show your students pictures of Doug the Pug. You can find a lot of funny pictures on his Facebook and Instagram account. Let your students choose a picture or do it for them.
  2. Ask them to make their own memes and add caption to the pictures.
  3. To make the exercise more engaging, you can conduct a competition for the funniest meme with your students being jurors.

Doug posts new pictures every day – you will never run out of inspiration, trust me! 🙂


Meet Doug the Pug!

"I sit in my towel and wait until the last possible minute to get ready" -Doug

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"Sometimes u just need to take a bath with ur ducky" -Doug

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